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The North Langyue Hotel(Beifang Langyue Jiudian - Beijing Jinrongjie Dian) is a business hotel located right next to Yuetan Park, conveniently near the Xidan central business district.

The hotel offers various sizes of rooms, which are equipped with complete facilities, including satellite TVs, free internet access and private safe boxes. There is a multi-functional hall ready for holding various meetings and activities as well.[View Detail]
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  • liuyifeng79
    Associates book, nice and convenient
  • angelayee
    A good environment, mainly from the children's hospital near, take their children to see a doctor, breakfast very good.
  • bababu
    Hotel location to health is too poor, room was small and noisy, no longer live
  • NIP2888
    Great location, convenient. General Services and facilities the hotel can look more hygienic. surrounding local flavor restaurants more, in a quiet place.
  • e01468999
    Strategic location, just across from the State Bureau for letters and calls, convenient service.
  • bfliu
    Environment, heating cooling, 12 it is too early to leave, check out that many hotels have been changed to 2 points.
  • cindyjiang2010
    In addition to more expensive, are advantages. in addition to your points, are advantages. in addition to your points, are advantages.
  • Lucia ly
    Food talk,
  • dianjianban
    Service is good, the environment is good, free travel location near
  • linom
    Staying at the hotel is favorably
  • gongjenny
    Well, every time he comes to Beijing on business once lived here, very warm, breakfast was excellent
  • dongjiwei
    Service sanitation facilities are very good, and we upgraded our suite for free, breakfast was rich and delicious. next time you come to will be preferred.
  • E03566032
    Stay at this hotel for the second time this year, the traffic is very convenient, very close to where I go. next time you come to Beijing also live here.
  • Cole0759
    Is contradictions, not know how said. wants to wants to also is tell it like it is's. front desk service is good, has 3 a people queued, immediately opened second a counter handle staying procedures, 113th, waiter asked Ming is even live four days, deliberately kind upgrade room type, to b building of business between (this thanks). handle staying Hou gift has cookies and unified orange juice, added into to 1X6 room, feel smell smelly very of big, almost couldn't help room, Hou open Windows ventilation only can stand. Windows backyard isA between company of site, a ladder on State in Windows anti-theft online, no language extreme. had to 4 days full pulled curtains. advantages; locations is good, Moon Street South, to East to Street 3 a junction, to children's Hospital a junction, to South go 7, 8 minutes is Metro Line 1 line, to where are convenient; breakfast is Rod, varieties is can has, porridge are has 5 species select, also has noodles, wonton, except beverage and fruit slightly single outside, other also good; business between is new decoration of, dragShoes and wash supplies are has, towel also is soft, feel comfortable; heater air conditioning, to not for heating of room improve has temperature; pillow is memory pillow, I wife of cervical disease disease is badly, sleep has are said very comfortable. shortcomings; bathroom of bath curtain improved about's, wash a bath put bathroom full whole wet has. bathroom door of mat cleaning about's, taste too big. whole room of carpet best often clean, so as not to bad smell exists. business between ready to int may heart more security, asTo the second floor.
  • cally_tiger
    A good location. If there is no location. not worth so much money well. Really worth
  • laoyangtou
    Is to book a week in advance, otherwise it's set not to. more convenient, from the travel location close
  • abelian24
    Which is very nice
  • angel_xuxiao
    From the children's hospital near, convenient
  • angopt
    Houses are too nervous!
  • easoncao
    Pretty good
  • cystal25
    Friend, friends and children at the children's Hospital to see a doctor, right, from very close to the downtown Xidan, public transportation, Metro is very convenient, for the conclusion of a three-day. future needs and would put it here!
  • Alfie1219
    Holiday lived quite economic, conditions are good, recommended
  • SerenaWang
    Go to children's Hospital for treatment, but parking is super difficult, parking backyard did not dare to move, afraid no spaces
  • Assamc
    Super nice, very clean, environment or anywhere near the special surprise? selected here all five points on their next
  • e00125008
  • feifele
    Good location with convenient traffic, business rooms not facing the street, very quiet ... There is no elevator ...
  • cnwongcn
    Clean, safe, and highly recommended!
  • apear1123
    Hotel location was good, but really taste great in the room, first start that can't live, then changed another room or taste. service is also OK in General on this piece of land of snatching gold in Beijing, anything can happen.
  • levinyee
    Nice hotel, rooms are small, but the software and hardware in place. most important is very close to children's Hospital, bring their children to the doctor for the first time, very convenient!
  • anlinesie
    Only one convenience store near the hotel, the nearest metro station to walk 20 minutes. breakfast average, also is working with a hotel, service staff, slow response times, if not from the travel location near is not preferred.
  • Juillet123
    Room is cramped, but the facilities, located in Raffles place, the rooms very clean.
  • jennycaijin
    The hotel is very clean, convenient, very close to the children's Hospital,, breakfast is recommended.
  • lenawlm
    Very convenient
  • d_duu
    Can only say, lives in a a wave!
  • jalys
    So so.
  • djmm125
    Well, next time you choose
  • dell888
    Surrounding environment good, more convenient transportation, hotel is fine.
  • guyi2000
    Very clean
  • alear
    Which is very nice,
  • Betty7006
    Early this morning to shop, service is attentive, the rooms on the first floor, noise is not too good and the rest is good
  • msn7799
    Every time he comes to Beijing to live here, convenient, affordable, especially restaurant taste good, too many guests for dinner. used to praise
  • carmen0111
    Not bad, good location, breakfast was OK.
  • angelTATA68
    Service was very good
  • dxgtl
    Near the children's hospital room, service very good, affordable
  • s****a
    Good health condition, services in place, next time to stay here
  • bessie0302
    Rooms are OK, traffic is convenient, the location value at this price. Room is too small!
  • cream19850108
    Ever most worst of staying experience, 14th, set of 19th, of room, day at 4 o'clock in the afternoon Qian to shop has was told no room, helpless has 3 days of Conference also too late again replaced hotel, only accept big bed room for for standard between, but room small to poor! even wardrobe are didn't! bed also and narrow and small! can imagine about area only 20 of room real sets within area only more big also including toilet! until company open finished will night entertainment finished returned to room, bath water and small to let people noLanguage! no one at the front desk! switchboard busy cannot go forever! quality of service make people mad! not showing up any more!
  • fannyxuedan
    Last time was good, the hotel was too stingy, and now that the weather is not to air conditioning, and a poor Word, will not stay this hotel next time
  • netwff
    Yes, highly recommended.
  • myturn
    Close to the Beijing children's Hospital has been cheap.